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Phiroza Agate Rough for Tumbling

Welcome to the Rough Rock Shop offering various raw and rough rocks, minerals and crystals from all over the world. Our goal is to cater to the needs of the Lapidary Artist, Crystal Healer and Mineral Collector.

All of the Rough Rock offered for sale in the Rough Rock Shop is the same stock that we use in our workshop for producing polished rocks and cabochons for use in Shalini’s designs. We always buy more than we need to get the best price from our suppliers, and the excess is offered here for sale to you. So what we are offering is the same grade material as we use, from the same batches of rock.

Rough Rocks suitable for Cutting, Polishing, Tumbling & Display

Rough Rocks suitable for Cutting, Polishing, Tumbling & Display

The vast majority of our stock is offered as single items, we do not force you to buy 1kg of rough rocks, when you only really want one! The only exception to this rule is our tumbling rough. This is offered in 100 gram bags, allowing you to mix and match to create a full barrel load if you wish.

In the case of all our Rough Rocks, Minerals and Crystals you will be buying exactly what you see in the photographs. Each rock is individually weighed, measured and photographed and is offered for sale as a unique item. We believe this is an important service to our customers as there is no element of risk at all to you. You will get exactly what you bought. Because of this we believe the Rough Rock Shop somewhat unique in this market.

Scottish Serpentine Rough for Tumbling

Rough Rock Shop, fast order dispatch and great customer service

The aim is to get your order packed and dispatched within one working day of us receiving it. Normally this is a same day turnaround. Our customer service is tailored to match exactly what we would expect ourselves from any other retailer. So you can expect dedicated attention to any problems or questions you might have.

We are always available to answer your questions about the rocks we have by phone or email. We are also happy to offer help and advice in the area of Lapidary or Rock Tumbling. There is a lot of advice available on our Lapidary Blog. Please bear in mind that we cannot offer qualified advice with regards to the healing qualities of a particular item as we are not Healers.

The stock of Rough Rocks, Minerals and Crystals is constantly evolving as we find more and more specimens that interest us. This also means that the shop is constantly evolving too as we bring on these new specimens.

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