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Grey Botswana Agate Back In Stock
The ever popular Grey Botswana Agate for tumbling is now back in stock after quite a long absence from our shop. Even though this stone is it's rough form, many of the pieces look as though they have already been polished as they have a nice sheen on them. It may be known as  "Grey" but there are many colours to be found in some of these pieces and many have really nice banding in them.We hav..
Zebra Stone
We have been stocking Zebra Stone for quite some time now on the Rough Rock Shop. This stone comes from Kimberley Region of Western Australia and sadly isn’t in plentiful supply since the construction of Lake Argyle in 1972, now much of it lies under water. What remains above the water line isn’t estimated in tonnes anymore.Zebra Stone is a form of siltstone, altered from its original form over ti..
New - Lake Superior Agate Slabs
We now have 5 Lake Superior Agate Slabs available in the Rough Rock Shop, you can find them here.These slabs are all from the Thunder Bay Region of Ontario, Canada, in fact we even know which mine they came from, it was the Armstrong Road mine.The slabs are all approximately 5mm thick and are of a good size which would afford a good number of cabochon’s, they could be polished if you have a flat l..
Site Update and Blue Tiger Eye Restock
Yesterday we installed another level of security on this site in order to protect you and any data you may send across when making an order or creating an account, basically what we have done is to ensure that the connection between your computer, tablet or phone or whatever device you are using to access our site is encrypted so that no one can snoop or eavesdrop on your activity while using our ..