Small Chevron Amethyst Pieces 2-3 cm


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Small Chevron Amethyst Pieces 2-3 cm available to buy now for £1.50 for pack of 10 from the Rough Rock Shop. These Small Amethyst Points are in stock in the UK and will be dispatched within 1 working day.

Chevron Amethyst Pieces: 2-3 cm, ideal for a range of applications in both Crystal Healing and Lapidary.

These smaller Amethyst – small points could be used to make caged stone bracelets or earrings. These are just ideas as there use is only limited by your imagination!

We offer these Chevron Amethyst Pieces: 2-3 cm in a range of sizes and quantities per pack. The smallest 2-3cm are offered in packs of 10, the 3-4cm and 4-5 cm are offered in packs of 5 and the largest 5-6cm are offered individually.

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