Porcelain Jasper (029) 465 grams


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Porcelain Jasper (029) 465 grams available to buy now for £16.74 from the Rough Rock Shop. This Porcelain Jasper is in stock in the UK and will be dispatched within 1 working day.


Weight = 465 gram, 2327 ct.

Length = 12.3 cm

Width = 7.1 cm

Height = 5.8 cm

Note: all measurements have been taken across the extremities and are approximate to give you an idea of the physical size of the piece.

This piece of Porcelain Jasper rough would be ideal for a wide variety of uses such as Crystal healing and Lapidary

This unique piece of Porcelain Jasper (029) is in stock in the UK right now meaning no customs charges or import duties for UK buyers.

Porcelain Jasper is also known as Exotica Jasper.

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