Granite Pendant (SDSA 497-2)


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Granite Pendant (SDSA 497-2) is from our “Rough n Ready” range of simple jewellery, the stones in this range are created from pieces of Granite that have been found in the local area. If needed they have been tumbled to smooth them out while at the same time preserving their natural shape as far as possible. They have also been polished, sometimes on all faces, sometimes only on one, to highlight the natural colours and beauty of each individual stone. Finally each stone has one hole in it for either a wire bail or a waxed cotton or leather thong to be fitted.

Weight: 20.5 grams

Length: 45mm

Width: 32mm

Depth: 18mm

Note: all measurements are taken across the extremities

This truly unique piece of jewellery, Granite Pendant (SDSA 497-2) is a fine example of what can be done with local stones which have no great value in the grand scheme of things. But at the same time providing an “eco friendly” piece that is suitable for many occasions.

All our Rock jewellery is sent in a gift pouch.

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