Blue Tiger Eye Rough - Falcons Eye - Hawks Eye

Blue Tiger Eye Rough, there is a large range on offer in the Rough Rock Shop of varying sizes. This semi precious stone is also known as Falcons Eye and Hawks Eye. It looks very similar to the better known Golden Tiger Eye. But it has a beauty all of it’s own thanks to the deep blue colour in it. It is a great stone for lapidary work and sits at 6.5 to 7 on the MOHS scale.
Blue Tiger Eye Rough has many uses!

For the Crystal Healing community it appears that Blue Tiger Eye is a very useful crystal. It is said to aid vision and insight. But as we are not qualified Crystal Healers we can only state what others have told us. You are encourage you to do your own research to ensure this Blue Tiger Eye is what you real need. This Blue Tiger Eye Rough would also look good in any Crystal or Mineral collection.

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