Bloodstone Rough - Lapidary - Crystal Healing

Our Bloodstone Rough stock changes frequently but as a rule there is usually a good variety available. The amount of red on display varies from rock to rock and often more is revealed if you cut the stone. We use rock from our stock in our Lapidary workshop to make freeform cabochons and other objects. It never fails to give a rewarding deep polish when worked on the diamond wheels. It also polishes nicely with cerium oxide during the final stage of the rock tumbling process. Bloodstone has a hardness rating of 6.5 to 7.5 on the MOHS scale making it ideal for polishing.
Bloodstone is said to be a powerful healer!

Bloodstone is said to be a powerful healer and blood cleanser, along with other mystical properties. But as always you are encouraged to do your own research to make sure this bloodstone rough is what you need. These Bloodstone rough specimens would also enhance any Crystal and Mineral collection.

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