Auralite 23 from Thunder Bay

Our Auralite 23 comes direct from the mines of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. The Crystals have not been treated in any way apart from being washed and scrubbed in water. The samples come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Ranging from a few grams up to hundreds of grams.
Auralite 23 would be of interest to
The crystals that are offered here would be ideal for the Lapidary, Jewellery Designer, Crystal and Mineral Collectors and Crystal Healers. Various web sites talk about the exceptional properties of Auralite 23 as a healing Crystal. Apparently it contains many more minerals than most other healing crystals. It is said that it is this which gives it it’s exceptional energy. But you should do your own detailed research to ensure this crystal is right for you. To the best of our knowledge our Crystals are ready to be cleansed and activated by you.

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