Amethyst - Small Points

Amethyst – small points or pieces, ideal for a range of applications in both Crystal Healing and Lapidary. We have drilled the 4-cm and 5-6 cm size pieces before to make simple rough Amethyst pendants. These have proved popular both on line and at craft shows.

The smaller points could be used to make caged stone bracelets or earrings. These are just ideas as there use is only limited by your imagination!

Some of these Amethyst points have been bought by Crystal Healers to be used in their practices as Chakra stones. In fact Amethyst is a well known healing stone and is used by many for a variety of reasons.

We offer these Amethyst – small points in a range of sizes and quantities per pack. The smallest 2-3cm are offered in packs of 10, the 3-4cm and 4-5 cm are offered in packs of 5 and the largest 5-6cm are offered individually.

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