Amethyst Rough for Lapidary and Crystal Healing

Our stock of Amethyst Rough is available in many different shapes and sizes. It varies in colour from light lavender to really dark purple shades. We use the very same rough that we sell in our workshop for our own designs. Currently the rough is from Bahia, Kenya and India. There is also a selection of nice “points” of varying lengths.
Some uses for Amethyst Rough

The Amethyst Rough available would be ideal for Lapidary work. Much of it is big enough to be cut and shaped into cabachons. It would also be ideal for the Crystal and Mineral collector. Amethyst is also widely used in Crystal healing circles. It’s said to be a very powerful and protective stone but please do your own research to ensure it’s suitable for your needs. Our Amethyst Rough is ready to be cleansed and activated by you. To the best of our knowledge, non of our rough rock or crystals have been chemically treated and are therefore completely natural.