Site Update and Blue Tiger Eye Restock

Yesterday we installed another level of security on this site in order to protect you and any data you may send across when making an order or creating an account, basically what we have done is to ensure that the connection between your computer, tablet or phone or whatever device you are using to access our site is encrypted so that no one can snoop or eavesdrop on your activity while using our site.

This has changed the site address from to, but don't worry any bookmarks or saved links you have will still work, you don't need to go and update them at all.

The only real difference you will notice will be the little green padlock in your browsers address bar, an example is below:

And now onto the restock of the Blue Tiger Eye Tumbling Rough, to be honest we have been astounded at how popular this particular item has been and we have almost sold out, but the good news is that we have more on order and it should be here by the end of this week. If you have used this stone, or any of our stone for tumbling rough we would love to see pictures of your results.

Best regards and thank you for your continued support

Dave & Shalini

Posted by Dave